Suppliers and Restorers of British Sporting Guns

Vintage Guns in the USA

Diggory Hadoke will visit Houston approximately every six weeks throughout the year for free appraisals and valuations of any guns brought along and general advice on matters relating to British sporting guns. On the day preceding these evenings, Diggory will host serious potential buyers at the local gun club, American Shooting Centers, 16500 Westheimer Parkway, Houston TX 77082, where they will be able to examine and shoot the gun they are interested in to see how they like it,  free of charge. While in Texas, Diggory will be a guest of Joseph’s in Richmond, just outside Houston.

We work closely with Joseph’s Vintage Guns in Richmond, near Houston, Texas, to supply them with fully restored, quality inventory direct from England.

Joseph’s maintain a good stock of fully restored British sporting guns and rifles and we very much recommend them to our American visitors, who may be looking for a gun already in the USA, where the troubles of export paperwork and shipping have already been taken care of. If you buy from Joseph’s you can be assured that the same dedication to quality and detail has been applied to the guns as we apply ourselves.

To view Joseph’s current inventory, click here.

Joseph’s and Vintage Guns Ltd are separate businesses and are not under any kind of mutual ownership or partnership.