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‘Royal’ Restoration

The latest restoration, featured fresh from our workshops, is a Holland & Holland ‘Modele De Luxe‘ 12-bore pigeon gun.

The gun  was built in 1915 and came to us from Australia. It is a Holland & Holland Modele Royal de Luxe with the distinctive engraving of grotesques.

We sold it to a client in September 2014 and he decided to have us restore it completely, including re-stocking and new forend wood. The LOP required was long – 16 1/2″. It is a pigeon gun, with 30″ Whitworth steel barrels and original 2 3/4″ chambers.

Internally, the gun was remarkably well preserved and the mechanisms are all very clean and tidy. The bores measure close to original and the work really was needed because of years of dry storage.

We selected wood to match as closely as possible the original tone and figure. a sensitive restoration of all the metalwork has paid dividends and the neat stocking job has provided the client with a custom -built, bespoke Holland & Holland Royal de-luxe at a total cost of around £25,000, rather than the £100,000 plus VAT that an actual new ‘Royal’ would cost today.

We think this is great value for money and particularly enjoy this kind of new build on an old action. The trick is to find something very classy on which to base your project.