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Visitors Firearms Permits

Permits for Overseas Visitors

Mr Jenkins receives his Perrins.

If you want to come to England and buy your gun, we can get you the permit you need to possess it in the UK.

Visitors to the UK may request a permit to carry and use their firearms while here. A Visitors Shotgun Permit covers you for Section 2 shotguns. and a Visitors Firearms Permit will enable you to carry your hunting rifle and ammunition.

Under section 17 of the 1988 act, a visitor to Great Britain may, if granted a visitors permit, possess firearms, shot guns and ammunition without holding a certificate.

A visitors permit allows an overseas resident to travel into the United Kingdom to attend various shooting events. The visitor will need a sponsor who is resident in the United Kingdom. This person does not need to be a certificate holder.

A form F107 is required with a fee of £20 per person, which should be sent to the police force area where the sponsor resides.

A permit may be valid up to twelve months, but the validity will normally relate to the duration of the proposed visit. Applications should be made at least six weeks prior to arrival in the UK.

EU residents will be required to submit their European Firearms Passes at time of application.

Non-EU residents may require a ‘letter of good conduct’ and/or other shooting documentation from their home country.

We will sponsor suitable clients for the necessary permits and complete the paperwork necessary in order to facilitate overseas enthusiasts buying guns from us and taking them home, or for the purposes of attending a shooting trip with us here in England or Scotland.

Application Form for VSGP