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Shooting Videos

1. This Discovery Channel film covers making a Purdey shotgun from scratch.CLICK HERE.

2. This one shows Daryl Greatrix showing a Holland ‘Royal’ to Charlie Jacoby. CLICK HERE

3. Here is the latest episode of Claysports, all about the UK clay shooting scene. CLICK HERE.

4. We like this crazy pretend Russian gun tester on FPS Russia CLICK HERE.

5. This is a video Kiri made for Athina Hunting Tours on one of our African Bird Safaris last year. CLICK HERE.

6. This is a red deer hunt in Norfolk, with Kiri hosting a US TV film crew from Nosler. CLICK HERE.

7. If you have never tried pigeon shooting in the UK, this gives an idea of what it is about. CLICK HERE.

8. This video shows a live pigeon shooting competition in Spain.CLICK HERE.

9. Fieldsports Britain is a regular weekly show about UK game shooting. CLICK HERE.

10. This is Kiri at Athina hosting a US TV presenter on a driven duck flight in Norfolk. CLICK HERE. 

11. A film featuring a duck drive at the end of one of our driven pheasant days in Suffolk. CLICK HERE.