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Rosson 2949/2950

January 14, 2019 2:44 pm Published by

A nice, tidy pair of 12-bore side-lock ejectors, cased with accessories and trade label. Classic game guns of medium weight... View Article

Edwinson Green

February 26, 2018 1:21 pm Published by

A lovely Edwinson Green & Sons assisted opening 12-bore, side-lock ejector. Made in 1912 and retaining a great deal of... View Article

Vickers 1371 SOLD

November 24, 2017 9:04 am Published by

An unusual side-lock, two-barrel set. Both sets 30″, identical weight, one set ‘ribless’ in the Alex Martin style, with 3... View Article

Woodward 5451 /2

September 22, 2016 10:49 am Published by

A recently serviced pair of 12-bore single trigger side-lock ejectors by James Woodward. Very long stocks (15 3/4″) and Woodward... View Article

W&C Scott

April 24, 2016 4:28 pm Published by

A sound, damascus barrelled side-lock non-ejector by Scott, with their ‘Improved bolt’ third grip. A great gun for rough shooting... View Article

Holland & Holland 6480

May 2, 2015 10:03 pm Published by

A nice example of the ‘Climax’ model SLNE with 28″ Damascus barrels, ball fences, light engraving. Cased in leather with... View Article

Alexander Henry 1038

May 2, 2015 4:50 pm Published by

A great example of a sidelock game gun in 20-bore with 28″ barrels, scroll engraving, third bite. Cased in leather... View Article

Watson Bros

April 7, 2012 6:25 pm Published by

A very unusual mixture of classic, beautiful Watson Bros finishing with the addition of a modern, reliable single trigger system... View Article

Stephen Grant

April 7, 2012 6:14 pm Published by

A cased, fully renovated Stephen Grant top-lever sidelock ejector of best quality, with fluted fences, very nicely figured stock, fine... View Article

Holland & Holland 7838

January 2, 2012 10:07 pm Published by

Another nice example of the ‘Climax’ SLNE. This 20-bore game gun has light engraving and 28″ Damascus barrels, ball fences.... View Article