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About Us

12591973_917643561690059_369024252_o (1)Vintage Guns was founded in 2005 by shooting writer and vintage British firearms expert Diggory Hadoke to provide specialist services to the collector and user of British sporting guns. The company was incorporated in 2013 and became the sole UK agent for London gun-maker John Rigby & Co. in 2015.

Quite simply, Vintage Guns is an independent ‘one stop shop’ for the British gun enthusiast. We specialse in advising international collectors on private and auction purchases in the UK, thereby avoiding expensive mistakes in this risky but rewarding venture. We have an open export licence and can export anywhere in the world.

We build a small number of new ‘best’ side-locks each year, to order. We also operate our popular Full Project Management scheme for gun restoration; bringing your gun back to the very best condition possible. This can involve as much as re-barrelling and re-stocking or as little as a basic strip, clean, tighten and re-blue of metal parts.

Our inventory of fully restored English guns is probably the biggest available anywhere. In addition to selling the most interesting British shotguns and double rifles, we arrange shooting in the UK and overseas so that our clients can enjoy the best of shooting sports with fellow enthusiasts.

We are always interested in buying good quality British sporting guns, either individual guns or entire collections, in any condition.