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Agent for John Rigby & Co.

Unknown-1Vintage Guns is the sole UK agent for London gunmaker, John Rigby & Co.

As such, we are authorised to represent and demonstrate the new John Rigby range of rifles, in .275, .416 and .375 H&H, outside London. Why not visit our Ludlow showroom or try a Rigby ‘Big Game’ rifle at our approved shooting range?

Contact us to see what we have at the time of enquiry, as demonstration models change from time to time.

As a specialist in all that is best about classic British sporting guns, we considered the wisdom of an association with a new-build gunmaker. There was no way we were going to take on any foreign firm making copies of English guns but, in John Rigby, we have found a partner that adheres to our values of best work and classic style and produces rifles today that mirror those they sold to the Empire, and beyond, in the early twentieth century.

Unknown-2Our association with Rigby enables us to recommend to clients an alternative to an expensive, and possibly tired, vintage bolt-rifle, for those occasions when only a new order makes sense.

Rigby are again building the famous Rigby-Mauser bolt-action rifles that saw sterling service in the hands of colonial legends like Jim Corbett and WDM ‘Karamojo’ Bell before the Second World War.

Models now being built, or finished, in London, on reliable components manufactured especially for Rigby, by Mauser, include:


Rigby’s re-iagination of the classic Rigby-Mauser rifles made famous in the early twentieth century by legends like Jim Corbett and W.D.M Bell. Also available in other calibres, the ‘Highland Stalker’ is a perfect rifle for all deer available in the UK, as well as plains game in Africa. Plenty of scope for customisation and prices from around £5,500.

THE ‘BIG GAME’ .375, .416 or .450 cal.

Available with Single Square Bridge or Double Square Bridge action. Prices from £7,772 – £8,396 (inc VAT) in ‘Standard’ specification. Please contact us for full details on options, upgrades and accessories.

THE ‘LONDON BEST’ .275, .375, .416 or .450 cal.

Available with Single Square Bridge or Double Square Bridge action. Prices from £22,500 plus VAT.Unknown

THE ‘RISING BITE’ DOUBLE RIFLE .470 or .500 cal.

imagesBuilt on the famous Rigby/Bissel patent ‘Vertical Bolt’ action as a best quality side-lock double rifle.


Available in 12-bore for 2019, with a 28-bore version in the pipeline. A faithful copy of the ‘rising bite’ model, last made in the 1920s, entirely English made, from British materials.

For further details of John Rigby & Co, their products and projects, click this LINK.