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Shooting Parties at Caynham Court

Caynham Court in the snow, 2017.

Caynham Court is available exclusively to shooting parties from September to February. We provide a chef, housekeeper and gun care.

For shooting party accommodation in Ludlow, there is no better venue.

Dogs are welcome, the house becomes your home for the duration of your stay and is totally flexible and informal.

Guests typically come to Shropshire to enjoy a Friday and Saturday shooting at one of the numerous local shoots, such as Downton, Gatley Park or Stokesay Court. Arriving Thursday afternoon and leaving after breakfast on Sunday.

We work hard to create a country house ‘home away from home’ atmosphere for our shoot parties, who will be the only gusts during their stay. We can provide Michelin Star standard chefs from established restaurants or simple country cooking, depending on your preference and budget.

The Court has ample parking for vehicles and a walk-in gun room for security. We can provide cartridges and gun cleaning services on a daily basis, as well as food and bedding for dogs. Accommodation includes ten large bedrooms, all with modern shower rooms en-suite. A large ball room, which serves as a socialising area, with high ceilings and huge wood burner, dining room with intricate ceiling decoration and a toasty ‘snug’ for warming up on those cold evenings.

The boot room and gun room ensure your shooting kit is out of the way and easily accessed. The large laundry room is ready to deal with any emergencies the weather may throw at your clothing and our professional standard kitchen is the hub for meal preparation.

A 2018 Caynham Court Shoot party at Gatley Park.

We encourage an informal, stress=free residence. Come in, kick off your wellies, put your feet up in front of the fire, pour yourself a whisky from the decanter and ask for a sandwich before dinner. We are happy to oblige. We provide a free taxi service in and out of Ludlow (2 miles away) so guests can explore this lovely old market town and indulge in a pint or two without worry.

We can deliver teams a full shooting and accommodation package, or we can provide accommodation and catering for shoot parties coming to the Ludlow area for their sport.

To book Caynham Court, simply contact us with your preferred dates and details of your requirements. We will do the rest.

Call us on 01584 878 485 for a chat or e-mail: and we’ll be happy to help.