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We have excellent storage facilities.

Can you provide storage for my guns? Yes, we offer a storage service for shotguns and rifles. All guns are cleaned monthly and stored in a large gun room, in professionally built racks, with humidity control and excellent ventilation.

Can you send guns overseas? Yes, we send guns to clients all over the world. We charge the client the cost to us of paperwork and shipping and add a small charge for our services in facilitating the process. This is typically £300 per gun for the USA, for example. Extra charges such as TNT delivery or collection within the UK are charged at cost.

Can you act for me at London gun auctions? Yes, we will register a paddle in your name, at our address, and bid on your behalf. Payment will be taken from your credit card (which you need to supply in advance) and we will collect the gun/s, store them and ship them if necessary. We advise clients to have full condition report from us before asking us to bid on a gun at auction. This way, we can tell you about any problems in advance, rather than after you have bought it. To handle gun sales in this way, we charge £100 per gun if you are successful. If not, you pay only for the condition report.

How much do you charge for a condition report on a gun? The cost of a comprehensive Gun Condition Report is £50.00 per gun, plus VAT. We will provide at least five detailed photographs of the gun with the report.

What kind of guns can you handle? We are Registered Firearms Dealers (RFD 2461 West Mercia Police) and can handle any Section 1 (Firearms), Section 2 (Shotguns) or Section 58 (Obsolete Calibre) weapons and any ammunition. We do not have Section 5 authority (Prohibited Weapons).

Do you sell Ammunition? Yes, we are appointed dealers for Eley rifle ammunition. We also hold shotgun and various centre-fire rifle ammunition.

What kind of quality assurance do you offer for your services? We are members of the Gun Trade Association and abide by their rules.

The mainspring will follow.

We can fix anything.

Do you buy guns? Yes, we are always interested in buying pre-1939 shotguns and double rifles. We can either buy them outright or broker a sale with one of our many registered gun seekers. We charge 10% to the vendor on any brokered deal.

Can you help me find a gun? Yes, just let us know what you want and what your budget is and well will find it for you.

If come to a London auction to see the guns, will you come with me and look at them for me before I decide to bid? Yes, we will have an expert accompany you to the viewing room, look at any guns you are interested in and advise you. For this service we charge £50 per hour, with a minimum charge of £50 per client per day, plus VAT.

Can you provide valuations for insurance purposes and deceased estates? Yes, we charge £35 per gun for written insurance valuations. For deceased estates, we can accept, store and value guns and handle their sale or disposal. For this we charge nothing until the guns are sold, saving the bereaved from up-front expenses.

I want to come to England to shoot. Can you lend me a gun? Yes, if you come shooting game or pigeons with us, we provide everything: clothing, guns, ammunition and food. If you shoot in England regularly, we can store your gun for you; just collect it when you want to go shooting (make sure you bring the correct licence) and drop it off when you have finished. We’ll even clean it for you!

I have found a gun that I don’t have a licence for. What should I do? You can hand the gun to us and we will accept it and store it safely. We will ask your name and address but you are not obliged to provide it. We will enter the gun into our books, inform the police that we have the gun and they will check to see that it has not been involved in crime. After this, we may dispose of the gun legally, as it is ‘back in the system’. This makes the police happy.


We can appraise and value guns for you privately or at auction.

What kind of repairs do you accept? We do anything from the routine servicing of a BSA boxlock to the re-barrelling of a Purdey.

Who are your gun-smiths? We produce West-End quality work at half the cost. All our work is quoted in advance and all our gun makers are time-served London-trained speciaists (ex-Purdey, Holland & Holland etc) of their particular art (stocking, finishing, barrel making, actioning etc) and all currently work on guns for the big London firms.

Do you only deal in expensive ‘best guns’? No, we sell guns from £100 to £40,000+. We respect everyone who values English gunmaking and we know that the new owner of a £400 Midland hammer gun will be as excited and pleased with his purchase as someone taking delivery of a £15,000 Boss sidelock.

Do you sell new guns? We build new guns to the highest standards, in England, strictly to order on a bespoke basis. We are also sole UK agents for John Rigby & Co. and are authorised to demonstrate and take orders for new Rigby rifles.

What kind of shooting do you offer? We now operate in tandem with our partners Athina Sporting. We handle the guns, they handle the shooting. Single guns on driven game shoots, African safaris for birds or big game, wild-fowling in Argentina, a week of driven grouse in Scotland, or a ‘monterria’ in Spain or Portugal. We do it all.