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Lt. Col. Desmond FitzGerald Hadoke. 2nd/5th Royal Gurkha Rifles (Frontier Force), Bombay 1940.

Vintage Guns Ltd may be a small company but we do our best to contribute to causes we think worthwhile,when and how we can.

We currently sponsor two rugby players; Max Hadoke of Kirkcaldy Rugby Club, Fife, and Laurence Hughes, of Ludlow Rugby Club. Max is a fly-half who has decided that he wants to play flanker this season, so good luck with that! Laurence is an established first team centre at Ludlow and I hope to see him in action, from the comfort of the bar, on the pitches I played on when I was a good bit younger and faster than I am today. Where did those 25 years go?

Our commitment to encouraging young shots is embodied in our sponsorship of Moor Park School Shooting Team.  They did very well in their first year, and performed admirably at the 2017 IAPS inter-schools competition at the West London Shooting School. In 2018, we placed even better and Hannah Cockcroft won her class, so great progress! We continue to provide their shooting kit and training sessions. This year we intend to win some silverware!

We will donate £10 from every Gun Condition Report to The Gurkha Welfare Trust  Also, if anyone wants an appraisal or valuation of a gun by e-mail, we ask that they donate £10 to the GWT in return.

Our Managing Director’s grandfather,  Lt.Col. D.F Hadoke was an officer in 2nd/5th ROYAL GURKHA RIFLES (FRONTIER FORCE), serving immediately after graduation from Sandhurst until his regiment was absorbed into the Indian Army after independence was granted. With two winners of the Victoria Cross under his command, awarded for action against the Japanese in Burma, he proudly supported this charity during his retirement.

The Gurkhas always remained very much admired and respected in our family, and their welfare a cause for concern. We hope to continue this link through our support of the trust. If you want to know more about the Gurkhas, the Gurkha Museum provides a very good website with lots of information.

Further to this commitment, we ask every buyer of a gun through this site to support our charity by volunteering to donate £10, if they do so, we will match it.