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Vintage Guns for the Modern Shot (2007) Merlin Unwin Books.

Diggory Hadoke’s first book is aimed at the sportsman with an interest in discovering the fascinating world of vintage British shotguns. It focuses on the guns of the breech-loading period from centre-fire through to WW2. Packed with vital information, this book covers everything the novice will need to understand and much that more experienced collectors will gain from. The first edition sold out and it was reprinted in 2011. To buy a copy, or to see all Merlin Unwin’s shooting and fishing titles, visit their site.  For independent reviews of the book, this link will provide some pretty comprehensive feedback, which is very positive.

Sporting Shooter

Sporting Shooter is a top British title for the game and rough shooter. Packed with useful and informative articles on subjects from ferreting to gun-dog training. Diggory Hadoke writes the regular Classic Guns feature. Sporting Shooter is published monthly in the UK by Archant Publishing. In 2015 the sister publication Rifle Shooter joined the team, Diggory also writes a monthly column on vintage rifles here.

Writers include Mike Yardley, Nick Ridley and Robert Bucknell. The editor is Dom Holtam.

The Double Gun Journal

Diggory Hadoke has been writing for the Double Gun Journal since 2003. His feature on British Gun Auctions is a popular part of this long established magazine, which offers a better showcase for classic shotguns and rifles than any other. The DGJ is published in Michigan by Daniel Cote.

While the magazine devotes significant space to American shotguns, it is notable for interesting gun tests and ballistic investigation into the modern use of vintage guns and it boasts a number of writers (like Oscar Gaddy and Sherman Bell) whose work in this field has become definitive.

Gun Trade News

Gun Trade News is the monthly magazine for the British Gun Trade, widely read by gun-makers, dealers and manufacturers; indeed anyone with a business connected to the shooting industry. Diggory Hadoke writes every issue on the subject of Gun Auctions. He covers each sale, spots trends, personnel changes, policy adjustments and other activity. For a sample GTN auctions article click this link to Holt’s website.

The British Boxlock Gun & Rifle (2012) Merlin Unwin Books

The British Boxlock Gun and Rifle is Diggory Hadoke’s second book. It was launched in October 2012. The UK publisher is Merlin Unwin, in the USA, Safari Press publish and distribute the book. It is available on Amazon and signed copies are available from the author via this website. Cover price is £30/$50. The book covers the fascinating story of the development of the hammerless double gun, with Anson & Deeley central to the frenzy of gun making activity in the mid-late Victorian era. All kinds of ‘body action’ gun are covered and an array of model designations, technical specifications, quality grades, manufacturing processes and much more make this a ‘must have’ for any aficionado of sporting guns. Designed to be a readable, illustrated narrative, rather than a dry reference book, much in the style of Vintage Guns for the Modern Shot. Reviews in the sporting press for this book have been outstanding.

Rifle Shooter

Rifle Shooter is the latest publication from Archant and acts as a sister publication to the well established and popular Sporting IMG_1417 (1)Shooter. The magazine covers hunting around the world, be it dangerous game in Africa or North America, deer stalking in Europe or exotics in N.Z. Great coverage of al the latest techniques and gadgets. The editor is Dom Holtam and Rifle Shooter is published monthly in the UK. Diggory writes a regular feature on classic rifles.

IMG_2049Hammer Guns in Theory & Practice (2016) Merlin Unwin Books

Diggory’s third book on vintage British guns. This one concentrates on the joys of ownership of the hammer gun in its many centre-fire forms. Aimed at the shooter interested in accessing the subject and lavishly illustrated with detailed colour photographs, this is an excellent and solid introduction to the brotherhood of the hammer. Easy to read, telling the story of key developments and showing how the guns work, what can go wrong and how to restore them, from a simple strip and clean to a total re-build.

Sports Afield

Sports Afield is the premier US magazine for hunting, shooting sports and the appreciation of fine guns and rifles. Diggory Hadoke was first commissioned to write a series of articles on current British rifle manufacturers, beginning with Rigby. The articles are ongoing and have become a regular feature in the magazine.


Fieldsports is the UK’s best quality magazine for the shooting and country sports lover. High quality print and design, coupled with excellent writers on a range of subjects, makes it the stand-out title in the sector. Issues published every two months. Diggory Hadoke writes for Fieldsports on British guns and gunmakers, on an irregular basis.

Worldwide. Diggory Hadoke’s writing is increasingly in demand and his work has been featured, over the last twelve months,  in African Hunting Gazette, Countryman’s Weekly several UK regional publications, as well as those in Russia, Germany and elsewhere.