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From the Workshop

W&C Scott 10-bore pigeon gun just restored.

The workshops continue to be busy, with everything from post-seasion service jobs to major work, like re-barrelling and re-stockinga  Purdey 28-bore. This work is an important part of what we do.When sales are slow, repairs keep the till ringing and get the bills paid. More than that, however, the restoration work we do allows us to get to grips with all kinds of interesting guns and see the workings on numerous patents that most people only get to read about. All this helps us build our expertise. We never stop learning, which is part of what makes the business fun and stimulating.

Recent projects include. a full restoration of a W&C Scott 10-bore pigeon gun, Made on the Scott & Baker back-lock patent with crystal cocking indicators, it has responded nicely and with the special oak leaf engraving with cross hatched background, looks stunning. This is one of my favourite engraving patterns of guns of the period.

Another beauty just out of the workshop is a Stephen Grant hammer pigeon gun with side-lever and damascus barrels. With original finish on much of the metalwork, we wanted to be gentle and preserve as much as we could, while lifting away the dirt and damage of years of dry storage. When restoring guns, we try very hard not to make them look ‘done-up’. What we do want is to make them fully capable of another few decades of serious use.

Re-stocked William Evans to make a pair.

A good example is the re-stocking we did on a pair of William Evans boxlocks – we were asked to match the stock on one gun in order to make the composed pair as close a match as possible. We then sourced and re-fitted a double gun case and refurbished both guns to make them A1. We just took in some nice prospect that we sourced for clients at auction and are now restoring. One, a Purdey 20-bore made in 1877 for the Marquess of Tavistock, the other a 16-bore Greener ‘Facile Princeps’. Both will be lovely when finished.

More work is coming through every week. I will try and keep a blog of some of the more interesting pieces we handle on this page, for the interest of our readers. It is a pleasure to work with such beautiful old guns and every day is an adventure.

Some jobs are small but necessary, like the re-making and fitting of a broken extractor on a good boxlock, to the re-stocking and re-barrelling of a Purdey 28-bore side-lock ejector. Why not have Purdey do the work? This is a question I am often asked. Well, they charge £29,000 for ‘fitter-in’ barrels and £19,800 for re-stocking. We use former Purdey gun makers and produce the same work, of the same quality, but at a fraction of the cost. I’d bet our turnaround time is quicker too!



Our gun-makers can build you a new gun from scratch, exactly to your specification. We can take a vintage action and build a gun around it for you, with new barrels, stock and forend wood. We can renovate your old gun to look its best and work to its full potential. Even if you have a minor breakage, we can repair it – be it a broken top-lever spring, a snapped trigger blade, a loose lump or a raised rib. Re-chequering , oil-finishing and re-blacking or browning are all done to the very highest standards. The gallery here shows some of our recent work.

No job is too big or too small and we are happy to quote at no obligation.