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Shooting with Us

Game Shooting

We offer a wide range of shooting opportunities, which have become so popular that we no longer have time to devote to their organisation! Our partner Athina Hunting Tours took on that responsibility in 2011 and we continue to work closely together to ensure that our clients get the very best value for money and continue to shoot together.

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We travel to Africa twice a year for our increasingly popular and affordable African Bird Safaris. These are typically seven or ten day holidays with an ‘all in’ price. We don’t think there is a better value or better organised wild bird shooting experience to be had anywhere.

We typically arrange three trips per annum, one of which is dedicated to high-volume pigeon shooting to protect the sunflower crop from the hoards of birds which descend in April/May. The other trips mix pigeon shooting with wildfowl flights and game-bird shooting, which is a nice mix of walked-up over dogs and mini drives. The quarry is mostly francolin and guinea fowl.


Driven Pheasant shooting in New Zealand has to be experienced to be believed. It offers the chance to extend your shooting season through June and the quality of the shooting puts all but the very best British high pheasant shoots to shame.

With names like Whana Whana and Lakelands hosting the days, your organiser is British-born Guy Ralph, who has huge experience organising driven pheasant shooting in the UK and in N.Z.

The hospitality, surroundings and quality of shooting matches anything we have encountered in Britain and exceeds most of it. N.Z really is a fantastic driven shooting destination.





Our dedicated bunch of antique gun shooters get together regularly to shoot driven birds, mostly in Southern England. Why not join us and bring your hammer gun or share a peg with your muzzle loader?

The days tend to be quite small; one hundred to one hundred and fifty birds. They are fun, informal but properly organised as a driven day. The team quickly evolved into a friendly unit and new-comers make new friends fast.

There are relatively few opportunities in Britain to shoot hammer guns and black powder in friendly company and traditional surroundings. Those without the necessary equipment are very welcome to book a day and borrow a gun and benefit from the services of a loader/coach who will instruct on the use of muzzle loaders and make the introduction fun and easy.




If you are visiting the UK and want to do some shooting, let us know what you want and we’ll arrange it for you. Everything from pigeon decoying to walked-up woodcock or driven pheasants.

We routinely find shooting to suit all budgets and visitors to the UK, perhaps coming to London for a few days business or holiday, can find themselves in traditional surroundings, shooting with best English guns and enjoying a genuine experience without the expense, fuss and bother of joining a package tour from their home country.

Gun permits, storage, transportation, gun rental and ammunition are all provided if required.