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African Bird Safari


We take trips of enthusiasts to South Africa twice a year to experience the finest and best value wild bird shooting anywhere. We do tis in association with our long-term partners Athina Sporting.

Our comfortable camp in the Orange Free State is on a game ranch and participants can watch the impala gather at the water hole while enjoying a cup of coffee as the sun rises.

An early start sees small parties of shooters, accompanied by German short-haired pointers and their handlers head for the rough field margins, which are home to the totally wild populations of quail, Orange River partridge, francolin, guinea fowl and scrub hares.

This is traditional walked-up shooting at its finest. Expect the odd mini drive for guinea fowl, which can be spectacular.

Once the sun is at full strength, around 11.30, the party heads back for a late breakfast. At 12.30 a change of location: the sunflower fields, in search of hoards of crop-raiding pigeons. Firing 200-400 shells is not uncommon before a change to fresh dogs and a late afternoon/early evening walk up for game birds. Click HERE to see a video of the afternoon pigeon shooting.

A couple of afternoons will be spend in search of the numerous waterfowl to be found on the big lakes an hour and a half away by pick-up truck.

These trips typically last for seven to ten days shooting and can be supplemented with some plains game hunts if desired. The whole package is neatly bundled into a single price, which covers everything except flights and cartridges.

In 2012 we were delighted to host the Readers & Writers shoot for Shooting Sportsman magazine. This was a huge success and we are set to continue this relationship in the future.

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