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Bird Safari Africa

Hammer guns & guinea fowl.

Following the success we have had in the past with the Vintage Guns Syndicate and with the African Bird Safaris, we will again be heading to Africa for our favourite bird shooting holidays in 2017.

The trip will be limited to six shooters, partners welcome, which is the ideal number for the walked up shooting we do over pointers.

Typically, we will rise at 07.30 for coffee, then head out with the dogs to rough shoot francolin and guinea fowl.

Returning for late breakfast at 11.30, we head out after noon to engage the pigeons raiding the sunflower crops. My typical bags shooting this with a hammer gun for four hours each day range from 120 – 350 pigeons, depending on weather conditions.

We resume the game bird shooting in the late afternoon and may stake out a lake for some excellent duck and goose shooting as dark falls.

Accommodation will be in our regular base near Kroonstad. It is a game ranch, with nyala, zebra, impala and kudu freely ranging around the chalets, all of which are thatched with en-suite facilities.

We eat a lot of what we shoot, having a BBQ with a few beers and cigars at the end of the day.

Spurwing geese and lots of ducks.

Dates are yet to be finalised, but reckon on late summer 2017. Expressions of interest to

I will host the week personally and look forward to meeting up with old and new friends for some of my very favourite shooting anywhere, at any price.

These African trips are very good value and are all-inclusive. Just turn up and shoot, chill out and have some fun.