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Woodcock Weekends

Our woodcock weekends are actually hosted over a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday in Pembrokeshire.

They are typically timetabled two weeks after the full moon, on which a fall of woodcock is expected. This should ensure good numbers of birds available. Pembrokeshire is not only beautiful but is is a stopping off point for woodcock en-route to Ireland and returning from Ireland on their migrations.

We are based in a top-end residence on the beach and every event is fully catered with home-made food, log fires burning and all mod cons.

Shooting is walked up with some mini drives and experience suggests each Gun can expect to fire around 25 shots a day. Teams are limited to six and we run three trips each season. This is exclusive and rare sport but it is not expensive, typically costing around £650 all-in for three days accommodation, food and shooting.

The social aspect of these events is a big pull for regular clients and a good time is guaranteed.

E-mail us for details.