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Gun Condition Report

If you have seen a gun in a gunshop or auction cataloge and want a detailled, independent ¬†Condition Report, just send us the details and we’ll take care of the rest. Total peace of mind for only ¬£50.

The problem with buying from the vendor’s description of a gun is that they are trying to sell it to you. They will emphasise the positives and avoid mentioning the negatives. Caveat emptor!

We solve the problem by providing expert, independent appraisal of any gun for sale privately, in a gunshop, or at a UK auction.

We can save you the anguish, money and time that can all too easily be wasted by ‘buying blind’.

Our very detailled Condition Reports now include five photographs as standard and are E-mailed to you within 12 hours of our appraiser seeing the gun.

As an alternative, we can provide instant appraisals over the telephone, direct from the viewing room of all the London auctions.

We charge a simple, fixed fee of £50 per gun. It could save you thousands in repair bills or unwise purchases. Just complete the form below:


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Coming soon! Video Condition Reports.

We will film the gun with a commentary appraisal from the inspector. This will be E-mailed to you as an attachment so you can watch it on your P.C.