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Gun Valuation & Appraisal

At Auction

We will provide written and photographic condition reports at London gun auctions for clients considering purchases. For a flat fee of £50, we will provide everything you need to know before you decide to bid several thousands of pounds on a gun in a catalogue. Cost effective peace of mind. We have saved our overseas clients tens of thousands of pounds with this service.

Clients wishing to visit a London auction can hire one of our experts to accompany them to the viewing and check every gun they are interested in. We charge £50 per hour or part hour.


Private Sales

Guns for sale in gun shops or by private individuals can also be checked by our experts in the same way as guns at auction. The same flat £50 fee is applicable.


Insurance Valuations

Individual guns can be valued for insurance purposes. We provide aletter of explanation, including all details of the gun, its history, quality, condition and replacement value. A charge of £35 per gun is applied.

E-mail us for details.


To order  a report, valuation or appraisal, please complete the Gun Condition Report form in the menu on the left.