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“A gentleman and a scholar. Keeping the gunmaking art of our forefathers alive one beautiful piece at a time. Highly recommended!”

Bob Blair

“Highly recommended. One of the UK's top gun experts.”

Charlie Jacoby

“This guy knows his stuff and is passionate about it... and being someone who is prepared to stand up to explain why should be respected.”

Jon Lightfoot

“A gentleman that has boundless knowledge and enthusiasm for our wonderful heritage! An Alladin's cave of beautiful bygone artisan workmanship and forgotten engineering skills.”

Jeff Kibble

“You will not find a more knowledgeable expert on hammer guns anywhere on the planet.”

Mark Peters

“Outstanding quality and expert advice from the very best in the business.”

Peter P. Ryan

“Excellent service standard, extremely knowledgable. Well deserved 5***** Rating. Thank you.”

Jon Burt

“Brilliant service from a gentleman who is a true expert in his field.”

David Egan

“A man and page full of nostalgia! Bringing absolute artwork back to full health and sharing with others! Keep the history and pieces of true craftsmanship alive”

Michael Gibson