Issue 56 February 2024

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Featured In February 2024The Last Selous .425

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Introducing the February Issue

Welcome to The Vintage Gun Journal, your free-to-view monthly magazine for all things British gun and rifle.

As February 1st dawns, so the last day of the season opens here in England.

I took out the whole pack of dogs - Vesper and Worm, the, vizslas, and Toad and Ratty, the terriers. Worm is improving mightily. At two years old, she was slow to gain confidence in the field, with shooting and dogs and beaters, but in the last month has become far more so.

I'm quietly confident the signs are good for next year.

Dallas Safari Club Exposition was a good return for me to the US and I caught up with many old friends. Rigby launched the new 'Shikari' rifle and the new .350 'Lightweight' magazine rifle.

Auctions are already coming into view, with new items to tempt gun aficionados all over the world. We will soon be on the road, viewing and reporting as usual.

Now that the game shooting season is over, I shall be concentrating on deer stalking - and keeping the number of grey squirrels down by sniping them off the bird feeders every morning.

Come spring, I hope it will give the songbirds a better chance of fledging their young.

Finally, we are taking enquiries to join our November Shooting Party now. Individual Guns welcome.

Thank you for reading the VGJ.

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