Issue 38 August 2022

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Introducing the August Issue

Welcome to The Vintage Gun Journal, your free-to-view monthly magazine for all things British gun and rifle.

The sun is shining again, after a refreshing day of rain, bringing to a close the driest July on record.

The Game Fair is over, I gave a talk for the Gun Trade Association on Friday and Saturday, with a full tent both days, which was nice.

I then caught up with friends in the Trade to see what was new, what business was like and who had bothered to set up stands and show their wares.

The Dickson Owners' Club meet was a highlght and offered the opportunity to handle and hear about a new project - the 4-bore rifle conversion of a unique 'Edinburgh Patent' MacNaughton falling block gun.

I have fired some powerful firearms in my time but this one looks a bit too light and powerful, even for me!

Holt's reported sales figures in excess of £1.7 million for the last auction, showing customers are out there and spending money.

This month we will see the grouse counts coming in and they look quite encouraging, there has been a lot of disruption due to bird flu but we think the pheasant season will happen; if only in a reduced and more expensive form.

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