Issue 17 November 2020

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Featured In November 2020Allport's Rigby

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Introducing the November Issue

Welcome to The Vintage Gun Journal, your free-to-view monthly magazine for all things British gun and rifle.

Our mission is to develop knowledge of British sporting guns and promote their continued use in the field.

November in England is a grim prospect. Many businesses closed, movement restrictions in place and shooting on hold, as the corona virus once again causes chaos. We watch with interest as our American friends go to the polls to elect a President fior the next four years and we anticipate whatever reality check the final Brexit scenario will produce.

We have been busy restoring guns, talking to gun makers. We even managed a day out with the dogs and bagged a few pheasants, as October drew to a close.

November looks like there will be very little to celebrate but we look at some interesting guns in this iue, starting with teh legacy of work the late Cyril Adams left behind. Cyril restored countless British guns over the years and we examine just a few.

Donald Dallas gives readers a good look at a unique 4-bore MacNaughton and we consder the December auctions and what lies in store.

We continue to thank you for your support. If you like the VGJ, please tell your friends. We are free to read and always will be. If you have something to contribute, we'd love to hear from you.

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