Issue 22 April 2021

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Featured In April 2021A Century of Change

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Introducing the April Issue

Welcome to The Vintage Gun Journal, your free-to-view monthly magazine for all things British gun and rifle.

April is the month in which Gavin Gardiner holds his first sale of teh year. We are excited to be paying him a visit and catching up. It has been too long.

Unfortunately, the Southern Side-by-Side at Deep River will again be missed by us Brits, due to Covid restrictions. We hope to make it for the Autumn Classic.

There is a cautious optimism in the air as the lock-down eases and we have plans for shooting parties in the season to come. I'm also looking forward to a spot of roe stalking this month, with my trusty old T.T. Proctor .275.

This month's issue looks back at a century of gunmaking, has an interesting story about a historic Paradox I saw in auction back in 2004 and overlooked, as did everyone else.

The issue of lead ammunition continues to haunt the UK industry and apparently changes weekly. We struggle to catch up but it looks likely to be banned sooner that we expected. The arguments continue.

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