Issue 05 November 2019

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Featured In November 2019Westley Richards: A Journey.

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Introducing the November Issue

Welcome to The Vintage Gun Journal, your free-to-view monthly magazine for all things British gun and rifle.

Our mission is to promote knowledge of British sporting guns and their continued use in the field.

Here you will find articles by the best writers in the business and by working gunsmiths and professional hunters, as well and news and topical features.

November is the start of serious pheasant shooting. By now, there should have been some frost, the birds should be well feathered and strong and the trees will be shedding leaves.

Time to check the gun room for ammunition, test the guns one final time and make plans for occupancy of your peg.

In this VGJ, we discuss the perennial topic of shot size, take a look at making tools for the workshop and read some exciting new firearms publications.

Hot barrels to you all!

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Diggory Hadoke, Vintage Guns Journal Editor sitting at his desk working hard