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Introducing the July Issue

Welcome to The Vintage Gun Journal, your free-to-view monthly magazine for all things British gun and rifle.

July is Game Fair month. I will be delivering a talk for the Gun Trade Asociation on Friday and Saturday.

It is also Holt's summer auction, so the last week of July will be a very busy one, attending both events and helping people with reports on guns in the sale.

We have just passed the longest day and I always feel a bit melancholy as the summer wanes before I have got used to its presence.

At home, my young vizsla, Worm, is settling down to becoming a nice dog with great potential, while her mum, Vesper, gets greyer by the day but still loves her 15k run in the forest every day, 'though she is now ten years old.

I have been busy writing a book for Rigby, which will be launched next year, interviewing lots of interesting people and sorting through a good deal of material to uncover the stories behind the last decade of the company's revival.

When I have time, I plan to do a few more illustrative films for my Youtube channel, featuring some intersting vintage guns.

If you happen to be at the Game Fair, drop by for a chat.

Thank you for reading the VGJ.

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