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New Build Guns

We are asked, from time to time, to build 'best' quality guns in England, entirely from scratch, in the traditional manner.

We select the best men in the country to undertake each part of the gunmaking process: gun fitting, actioning, barrel-making, stocking, engraving, blacking, case hardening and finishing. We then have the gun fitted to a bespoke case with tools and cleaning rods to match; all of the finest quality.

The name we put on the gun is the name of the customer, who is involved at every stage and becomes the gunmaker. We make this possible.

We build guns in 'best' quality only, in every common bore size, from 12-bore to 28-bore.

Our guns become family heirlooms and cost less than half the price of a London equivalent from a well known 'name'. The most commonly used action is the Holland & Holland 'Royal' type self-opener but we can offer other actions, such as Purdey or Atkin self-openers.Holland & Holland 'Royal' type self-opener. Prices from £55,000.