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Cartridge Data

Lead Shot Sizes

Lead Shot Sizes (above) applied to British cartridge loading, also showing the metric equivalent in mm.


Cartridge Loads

The Conversion Table below shows metric and imperial load equivalents.


Case Lengths

Imperial                   Metric Equivalents

2 1/2″                         65mm / 67mm /67.5mm

2 3/4″                         70mm

3″                                76mm


Suitable Ammunition for British Shotguns

Guns Stamped                       Game Loads                                            Practice Loads

2 1/2″                                        Game Bore Pure Gold 30g                    Express HV 24g

2 3/4″                                       Hull Sterling Game 30g                        Eley Olympic 24g

3″                                               Eley VIP Bismuth 46g                            Anything