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Building New Guns

We don’t build many, but what we do build stands comparison with the very best. Some discerning clients realise the dream of having a bespoke gun made to order, entirely by hand. By commissioning the build, the client essentially becomes the gunmaker and we manage the entire project with him from vision to delivery.

Our preferred action type is the Holland & Holland patent self-opener. Best chopper-lump barrels are the starting point for any respectable side-lock, so we have them made to the client’s preference, for length, rib and chamber. We have all the action and lock filing done in theIMG_3292 traditional manner, by hand. Once barrelled and actioned, the gun will be stocked with wood chosen to complement the style, shape and IMG_3293intended engraving. After stocking, the gun is prepared for engraving and sent to the man selected, depending on the desired result: some artisans are renowned for their fine scroll, some for their deeper relief or carving, others for game scenes. From the engraver, the gun goes back to the finisher, who will prepare it for colour hardening, he will then free and regulate all the mechanisms, chequer and finish the stock and re-assemble the hardened parts, making any necessary adjustments. Finally, the case maker will create a perfect home for the gun, complete with best quality tools and accessories.

The following photos show a new build (2016) 12-bore we built to order for an America client. It is based on a Holland & Holland self-IMG_3305opening ‘Royal’ type action, with Southgate/Holland ejectors, chopper-lump 30″ barrels, selected walnut stock, custom engraved. All work was carried out in England to the very best standards by the finest gunmakers working today.

IMG_3304We can undertake new projects like this for clients and the finished result is a finest quality London side-lock at around half the cost of buying from Purdey or Holland & Holland. It gives the client a chance to order a bespoke gun and specify every part of construction. At the end of the process we can engrave the client’s name and address on the gun, reflecting the unique nature of the gun. Nobody else offers this choice.

Following-on from this 12-bore we have a two-barrel set 20-bore, also built on a Holland & Holland ‘Royal’ pattern. Why not ask us to build you your dream gun?