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Our People

Our Trade contacts are extensive and with Diggory Hadoke personally project managing every repair and restoration, only the very best British gunmakers are contracted to work on guns for our clients.

Finishing: David Mitchell (formerly with Purdey) is among the best finishers working today. Dave has worked on new guns for most London firms and has decades of experience, having worked at Purdey in the finishing, lock-making and repair shops. His expertise is gained from 42 years at the top of his trade.

Finishing: David Sinnerton (formerly with Purdey) is revered as a man at the top of his trade. He makes guns under his own name and has finished guns for the top London firms during his 30 years in the business.

Barrels: Bill Blacker  (formerly with Purdey and with Holland & Holland). Bill has made barrels for all the top London firms and notably re-barreled a three-barrel (side-by-side-by-side) Dickson last year. He sets the standard and Blacker barrels are justly famous throughout the Trade.

Barrels: Scott Wood (formerly with Purdey) is another top barrel man. Capable of producing beautifully straight and concentric barrels, he has done some very challenging work for us, including re-barreling a 32″ long-bar W&C Scott hammer pigeon gun, once the property of the famous Victorian competitive shot, Captain Brewer.

Stocks: Stephane Dupille (formerly with Holland & Holland and with Watson Bros) is arguably the best stocker in the UK. He has a thorough knowledge of the correct shapes and styles of all the major gun makers and models. This ensures that your re-stocking job is perfectly in-keeping with your gun. Steph has made stocks for all the major gun making firms and is in massive demand.

Game Shooting: Kiri Kythreotis operates Athina Sporting and takes care of all our sporting agency activities. Whether it be a ten-day game bird and pigeon shoot in Africa, a weekend of deer stalking in Suffolk or a single day of driven pheasant shooting in Kent, Kiri will make all the arrangements, host the trip and ensure your experience is memorable for all the right reasons.

Artist in Residence Ghislain Geenen is a wonderfully talented artist, with a very impressive body of work, whose large oil paintings can be seen on the walls at Caynham Court. He is available for commissions and will travel to paint orders on site, if required.