Driven Pheasant Test No.5

We demonstrate a W. Richerds boxlock ejector.

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Shooting|August 2020

As we continue looking at vintage gun actions and thier speed of loading and firing, we demonstrate here a boxlock ejector of Anson & Deeley type, with Southgate ejectors.

Viewers will notice some ejection inconsistency during the test. Ejectors are the single most common source of malfunction in a sporting shotgun (unless it has a single trigger). In this case, the ejectors fired without issue but we were using 65mm (2 1/2") case cartridges in a gun made with 76mm (3") chambers and the cases were not clearing properly.

Rather than reject the test, we include it as a real example of potential issues you may encounter with some gun/ammo combinations.

The test involves one minute of pairs of driven pheasant targets, to see how many this gun is capable of killing in that time.

Testing was carried out at Griffin Lloyd Shooting Ground, Powys, Wales, using Express 'Super Light' 21g cartridges.

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Shooting|August 2020

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