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Monk of Chester is this month's feature label.

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Guns & Gunmakers|May 2020

This label is paper and ink, with a charmingly hand-drawn and lettered appearance.

William H. Monk was a gunmaker based in Chester and from the label we can see the address is 'Foregate Street'. Monk operated from this address from 1868 until 1925, when the business changed to 'Henry Monk'.

W.H.Monk moved five times during this period, all the time staying in the same street. Unfortunately the street number is not on the label to help us date it more accurately. It seems likely it is earlier, as Monk described himself as a 'Gun & Cycle Maker after 1902. W.H Monk died in 1920.

The label carries a Royal Warrant with 'Ich Dien' the motto of the Prince of Wales. and the illustrations show a gentleman loading a muzzle loader. This suggests the date likely to be early in Monk's career, as by 1870 breech-loaders were already almost two decades established.

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Guns & Gunmakers|May 2020

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