Issue 58 April 2024

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Label Library : W.P. Jones

Black Leather Label

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Guns & Gunmakers|March 2024

 William Palmer Jones is scantily recorded in the available literature. He was, however, clearly a gunmaker of talent and skill.

Most of his output is likely to have been what is generally called 'trade work'; that is guns made by him for other people and retailled with their names.

However, there are sufficient guns bearing his own name still in existance to suggest he had a parallel trade in retail firearms. Among these is one of the few English hammer guns made in around the turn of the last century with a single trigger.

This leatherette label with gold embossed lettering claims establishment in 1826, so teh company was multi-generational. Whittall Street was firmly inside the main Gun Quarter in Birmingham and reinforces the assertion that Jones was indeed the manufacturere he claimed to be.

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Guns & Gunmakers|March 2024

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