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Last Pegs for November

Two places available for our Shoot Party.

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Shooting|May 2023

Just two places remain for our November shooting party at Caynham Court.

We begin in London and, following some shooting lessons on driven pheasant, we head for Shropshire and the real thing begins.

We provide permits so guests can bring their own guns or we can lend you something interesting; boxlock, sidelock, over & under or hammer gun - you choose!

All the shooting is within 20 minutes of the house and we pride ourselves on visiting local estates with limited availability. This is quality, traditional pheasant and partridge shooting in stunning landscapes.

The recipe for these trips is simple; good food, comfortable surroundings, relaxed atmosphere and quality shooting with like-minded friends.

We throw-in visits to interesting places, like gunmaking factories, the Proof House and West London Shooting School. Key shooting trade personalities will join the party for dinner and to shoot on different days. They will share stories and bring interesting objects, old and new to interest guests.

This is the latest trip (we do only one per year) in a tradition going back to 2017, when we first got Caynham Court ready to host large parties.

We currently have two vacancies for November 2023. Please contact for details. We would love to have you along!


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Shooting|May 2023

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