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Some developments and highlights for September.

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Auctions & Markets|August 2020

HOLTS next auction of Fine Modern and Antique Guns and Accessories to be held on September 7th & 8th,will be held along the same lines as the highly successful March auction. Holt's want buyers to know:

Due to the changing protocols affecting public gatherings, the September Auction will take place live onlinebut behind closed doors. Phone bidding is available and you can also bid live online or leave a commission bid. The March auction demonstrated that our clients have no issues using these avenues to bid.

Much of this confidence is down to the condition reports we provide on request. In addition to written and verbal condition reports we are offering a new service – virtual viewing. This will be available on an appointment basis – please contact us for more details.

Viewing in the lead up to the auction is strictly by appointment only and we hope you will understand the need to abide by our COVID 19 protocols. These can be found in advance of your visit on our website.

In addition to our main auction our increasingly popular Sealed Bid Auction will have a wide variety of lots on offer. We would ask you to understand that viewing is subject to the same hygiene procedures as the main auction and is also strictly by appointment only.

Fully illustrated catalogues for both sales are available to view now on our website where bids can also be left.

Monday 7th September 2020: Antique & Vintage Guns & Accessories, Taxidermy, Books, Edged Weapons & Militaria

Tuesday 8th September 2020: Modern, Sporting Guns and Accessories

Among the highlights of the sale is the magnificent howdah pistol illustrated in the headline photo.

Chris Beaumont told us: "The Sept auction will be held behind closed doors – with viewing available (by appointment only) from the 24th August onwards (including the weekend of the 5th & 6th). Obviously online bidding is going to be pretty crucial, so to try and encourage people we’re going to split the Invaluable / Saleroom surcharge between us and the clients, so they’ll pay 2.5% not the full 5%".

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Auctions & Markets|August 2020

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