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Guns Arriving

Restoration and service work is busy already in 2019. We have just re-barrelled and re-stocked a WW1 era Purdey 28-bore SLE and it now just needs casing.

Guns just in include a pair of very good Rosson side-lock ejector 12-bores, which will retail at under £10,000, cased.

We expect a William Evans 12-bore SLE to come ij this month and, for rifle shooters, a Rigby .375 bold-action is ready to go. Built originally asa .350 Rigby and re-chambered by the maker, it is a practical classic.

We are always seeking good, used English and Scottish guns and rifles.

On the way, we have a rare Edwinson Green over/under, built on Green’s own 1912 patent, some good value 12-bore Webley Model 700 boxlocks and a nice Wilkinson of Pall Mall, London, 12-bore boxlock with a nice long stock.

We are currently seeking a good Purdey 12-bore pigeon gun for a customer and a sidelock ejector with a 15″ stock for around the £4,000 mark.