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Guns Arriving

Vickers SLE with two sets of barrels.

With new stock arriving all the time and awaiting appraisal and entry into the ‘For Sale’ section, here are some appetisers to consider. Small bore guns are always in demand and difficult to find. So, a 28-bore hammer gun that just arrived, by Fletcher, though not of the best quality should find a home. It needs some cosmetic work but is mechanically sound and will be under £2,000.

Kell engraved Rigby.

Another small bore is a 20-bore hammer gun by Army & Navy, very clean and with 28″ Damascus barrels, it has a lifetime of shooting in it.. Minor cosmetic work will improve the gun but for £1,500 you have a good little shooter that can take modern shells.

Right up in the quality, condition and rarity stakes, we have a superb Rigby side-lock ejector engraved by Harry Kell. It is exquisite – made in 1930 but with 30″ barrels, 15″ stock and very original with 90% of case colours in tact. At £15,000 it is the price of a decent Holland & Holland ‘Royal’ but far more difficult to find. Cased.

Rifles don’t come thick and fast, as we specialise in shotguns but when they have two barrels  side–by-side we are delighted to have them. We have a very good ‘budget double’ .500 N.E. boxlock ejector by W.J Jefferey, made in the era of Paul Roberts ad with an unusually long stock, it will see decades of service if required. It looks very little used.

Edwinson Green side-lock made 1912. Amazing condition.

A beautiful Edwinson Green side-lock just arrived – built like a Churchill Premiere , but with 28″ barrels, on the assisted-opening Smith patent action, with lovely tight scroll engraving and almost all its original case colours, it comes cased and is remarkable for a gun made in 1912. Beautiful quality and condition. Another good side-lock is a Vickers 12-bore with two sets of barrels: both 30″ but one with Alex Martin type ribless’ configuration and massive 3 1/4″ chambers. The conventional barrels are 2 3/4″ chambered. A brilliant high pheasant to duck gun with a lot of original colour and original finish.

There is an early and great quality Isaac Parkes 12-bore hammer gun just in. This is a sound and solid gun, probably 1870s, with Thomas patent lever work. For those interested in American guns, we have rifles by Sharps and Winchester recently in, both very collectable and shootable.