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We have designed our services to provide exactly what the English shotgun enthusiast wants: information, training, shotguns, equipment, shooting opportunities and friendship with like-minded shooting people.

Gun Search: finding the vintage gun you want.

We have very well-established contacts with the shooting industry and provide a unique approach to gun purchase. We will find you exactly what you want, provide options, history and condition reports and advice. We have no interest in selling you a shotgun that is not perfect for you. We want you to buy all your guns through us. If you decide to buy a gun, we will negotiate the very best price for you and charge a commission of only 10%. This makes us a cheaper and safer method of buying than auctions. We can arrange shipping worldwide and will sort out export and import licences, where necessary.
Gun Auctions: Gun Condition Reports
If you want to buy at a London auction, our experts will inspect the gun for you and provide a full report by E-mail, with photographs, before the sale takes place, for a small fixed fee. We have no interest in whether you buy the gun or not and will give candid, detailed and honest appraisals. We work to ensure your interests are paramount, not the seller’s.
Gun Sales
We specialise in British guns of the 1860-1939 vintage. We generally sell guns fully restored and guaranteed. They tend towards the unusual, the interesting and the usable. We shoot our old guns and generally find guns for enthusiasts who will do likewise. We are always pleased to buy interesting guns, or collections. Most of our sales are to existing clients, who are collectors and shooters with a passion for these guns.
Shooting at Caynham Court
Caynham Court has twelve bedrooms, all en-suite and caters exclusively to entire shooting parties. If you are shooting in Shropshire, Caynham Court can be your ;home from home’. Fully catered.
Shooting Days and Syndicates
We operate our shooting syndicates via our partner Athina Sporting, through which our friends and clients form groups of like-minded enthusiasts to use their classic guns on friendly driven game bird shoots in the UK and abroad. We also arrange single days for our clients visiting the UK,  those who wish to have a short shooting holiday, or just a single day, arranged. The quarry can be deer, game birds or woodpigeons.
Repairs and Servicing
If you need your British shotgun serviced or repaired, our Purdey-trained craftsmen will give it the very best attention, without the expense of going direct to a famous London gun shop. We undertake anything from simple re-jointing to total re-barrelling and re-stocking. We can arrange collection and delivery at your convenience.
New Builds and Bespoke Restorations
Our speciality is custom gun building for our clients. We like to take a classic action, be it side-lock or hammer gun and re-build the gun to your dimensions, re-barrelling and re-stocking as necessary to make your bespoke vintage gun. We also build new guns to order, entirely by hand, in England. We think they stand comparison with the very best.
Gun Storage
We have excellent facilities to store shotguns and rifles, in Ludlow, for a few days or for several years. Stored guns are fully insured and charges are £1 per day.
Deceased Estates
We offer a service to the bereaved and to executors of wills: We can collect, store and dispose of any fiirearms left by a deceased party. This provides a hassle-free means of disposing of firearms and complying with the law at a difficult time.
Exporting Guns
We export guns to the USA, via our partner shipping agent, and worldwide for our clients. Wherever you live, we can sell you a gun and get it to you. We do not handle third party exports.

We are enthusiasts, collectors and lovers of finest British shotguns, who wish to promote their use in the field, make friends and serve the shooting community. This is our passion, not just our business.