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Bespoke Gun Renovation


We can re-stock a gun to your exact requirements.

Our cornerstone activity is project managing the production of a ‘new/old’ best London gun.

This process involves the client from the outset. After consultation, we decide on the type of vintage action on which to base the project. The gun needs to retain a high percentage of original colour, have crisp engraving and be of best quality. By far the most popular projects are Purdeys’ Holland & Holland ‘Royals’, or Boss sidelocks. However, Hussey ‘Imperials’, Churchill ‘Premieres’, and other top quality sidelocks by London makers all feature as sensible options. The choice is yours.

Start by finding a beautiful action. We can also re-barrel if necessary.

Start by finding a beautiful action. We can re-barrel if necessary.

We are happy to do ‘exotics’ if the right action is available. for example, in 2011 we re-built a beautiful 1890s W&C Scott 12-bore, hammer, live pigeon gun, which once belonged to famous U.S competitive pigeon shooter Capt. Brewer. This was a long-table action and the spec required 32″ chopper-lump barrels with multi-chokes and a full re-stock to fit the current owner.

Once the action is secured, usually at auction. The gun can then be re-barreled or sleeved, depending on budget. Sleeving is best quality and invisible. New barrels are chopper lump and made to the same standards as the best London makers. In either case, choke, chamber length, barrel length and balance can be specified. We then carry out a fitting with a top shooting instructor and gun fitter. Once we have the correct dimensions, we re-stock the gun to fit properly.

Best work, best wood.

Hammer guns or hammerless – the choice is yours.

All working parts are checked and replaced if showing any wear. Once finished, the gun will retain the original patina and beauty of the original action but the barrels, stock and lockwork will be like new.

The cost of a project like this is around £20,000. Compare that with the new cost of a London gun of comparable quality (£90,000 + VAT).

We think it is a great service. E-mail us for details.