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Gun Search

We offer a Gun Finding Service to help clients find excactly what they want.

Please use the Gun Search Form to register with us details of the kind of gun you are looking for. Please complete ALL SECTIONS of the form ( we can’t contact you if you don’t complete the address for example).


We found a client this Holland & Holland double .450 BPE. Maybe we can find what you want too!

We will scour all our Gun Trade sources to find the best gun of its kind available in the UK at the budget you set. We will also use our ‘trade status’ to negotiate the lowest price possible on your behalf.

If you buy the gun, we charge a brokerage fee of only 10% (you would pay a London auctioneer 25%).

You tend to get what you pay for in guns, as with other things in life. Your budget is of key importance to our search. If you want a Lancaster sidelock ejector 12-bore and your budget is £3000, we will source the best Lancaster sidelock ejector 12-bore available for £3000. If your budget is £5000, you will get a better gun. It is also important to be realistic. Please do not ask us to find you a Lancaster sidelock ejector for £250, because they do not exist.

We are not ‘gun snobs’ and are as happy to find you the best £150 English boxlock non-ejector 12-bore as we are searching out the best Boss over & under sidelock 20-bore for £40,000.

If we have to send the gun to you outside the UK, we are pleased to do so. You just pay the fees for the documents, export licences and shipping. We do everything else for a nominal sum.