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Gun Service & Repair

We offer a full repair and renovation service for British shotguns and rifles.

Within Greater London, we offer a collection and delivery service.

Our gunmakers are all London trained and time-served and the quality of work we offer is the best only.

All repairs carry a 6-month guarantee against the same fault re-occurring.

Diggory Hadoke personally overseas every repair and applies strict quality control values to ensure the work is to our satisfaction.

We offer common repairs, such as fixing faulty ejectors, and routine maintenance, like a seasonal strip, clean and service.

We also offer extensive re-modeling services, including re-stocking and re-barreling or total refurbishment of all makes of British guns.

A popular service is our re-construction of a vintage gun to the specifications of the new owner. To do this, we seek a fine action at auction, usually from a gun with scrap barrels and/or broken stock. We either sleeve or re-barrel the gun to the preference of the client and re-stock it to his dimensions, following a full fitting with Mike Yardley.

This way, clients can realistically aim to own a bespoke, fitted best-quality London side-lock for as little as £15,000, rather than the £60,000+ that Purdey or Holland & Holland would charge for a new one.

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