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Safe Key Deposit Service

Gun owners often have problems with access to their guns because of legal restrictions imposed by the current firearms laws.

A Shotgun or Firearm Certificate holder may not disclose the location of his safe keys (or combination) to anyone not in possession of the required SGC/FAC.

This means that in the event of the SGC/FAC holder becoming incapacitated or isolated, or in the event of his death, access to his firearms becomes a legal issue and a practical problem, since nobody else can open the safe.

We operate a service whereby SGC/FAC holders can deposit with us a set of keys (or a safe combination) with instructions regarding access. This information will be locked away securely and may only be accessed by the depositor.

In the event of his death or incapacity, the relevant authorities can be contacted by a spouse or other responsible person and we can be called to attend and open the safe to the appropriate representative of that authority. This may be the executor of a will, a spouse, a solicitor or the police.

For all depositors, we will, in addition, collect and store any firearms in their safe, should the need arise.

We charge a flat fee of £25 per annum for this service.