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This label illustrates the mechanism and advertises cartridges.

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Guns & Gunmakers|January 2021

This Greener label comes from the lid of a gun case. It is unusual in a number of ways.

Guns illustrated on case labels are not unheard of but they are certainly not common. Most Greener labels do not include such an illustration.

The illustration on this case is of a 'Sovereign' model. Harry Greener invented this body-action gun, very similar to an Anson & Deeley but with coil springs, in 1891. Externally, Sovereign guns were filed-up to look like Facile Princeps or Anson & Deeley models. It is not easy to identify a Sovereign unless you take off the bottom plate.

The presence of the illustration on the case label helps indicate that the gun inside is a Sovereign model, which is quite helpful. Greener also taks the opportunity to extol the virtues of his firm's hand-loaded cartridges.

The address is 68 Haymarket, which shows the gun was sold from the company's London showroom. This operated from around 1884 to 1913. It also acknowledges Greener's factory at St Mary's Square, Birmingham.



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Guns & Gunmakers|January 2021

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