Changes to Section 58 Antiques

Seven removals and twenty-three additions

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Issues & Events|August 2021

Recent Government announcements regarding changes to the Obsolete Calibre List include the removal of seven previously listed cartridges:

320 British (also known as .320 Revolver CF, short or long)
.41 Colt (short or long)
.44 Smith and Wesson Russian
.442 Revolver (also known as .44 Webley)
9.4mm Dutch Revolver
10.6mm German Ordnance Revolver
11mm French Ordnance Revolver M1873 (Army)

A six month Transition period, ends on 21st September 2021, during which these items, previously Antiques held as Sect 58(2), move to Sect 5, prohibited status. However they may be retained if on a Firearm Certificate either as Sect 1 or as Sect 7(1). Most will qualify for Sect 7(1) being pre 1919. Current owners should now seek to sell them or apply for new Section 7 or Section 5 licences.

As well as removing the calibres listed above, 23 new ones have been added to Section 58  (22 rifles and 1 pistol). They are:

.26 BSA (.26 Rimless Belted Nitro Express)
.33 BSA (.33 Rimless Belted Nitro Express)
.360 No 2 Nitro Express
.40 BSA (.40 Rimless Belted Nitro Express)
.400/360 2 ¾ in Nitro Express
.425 Westley Richards Magnum
.475 x 3 ¼ in Nitro Express
.475 No 2 Jeffery Nitro Express
.475 No 2 Nitro Express
.476 Nitro Express (.476 Westley Richards)
.50-90 2 ½ inch
.50-110 2.4 inch
.577 – 3 in (Black Powder & Nitro Express)
.577 – 3 ¼ in (Black Powder & Nitro Express)
6.5 x 53mm R Mannlicher (Dutch/Romanian)
8 x 56mm Mannlicher Schoenauer
8 x 58 mm R Krag
8 mm Murata
9 x 56mm Mannlicher Schoenauer
9 x 57mm R Mauser
9 x 57mm Rimless Mauser
9.5 x 57mm Mannlicher Schoenauer
8mm Roth Steyr

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Issues & Events|August 2021

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