Driven Pheasant Test No.4

We test a Stephen Grant side-lever hammer gun with rebound locks.

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Shooting|August 2020

Continuing our demonstration of vintage gun actions, we examine a bar-action, Stephen Grant 16-bore built in1885 with a side-lever and Purdey bolt (not the usual Grant & Hodges patent side-lever type).

One benefit of the side-lever is that the thumb is already in place to operate it, there is no need to twist the gun in the hands to reach a top-lever.

Here we see how many driven pheasant targets we can engage in one minute of loading and firing. The gun has rebounding locks, so no requirement to pull the hammers back to half-cock before you open the gun to re-load.


We used Gamebore 'Regal'1oz paper-case loads, which are my usual game cartridge, and shooting was conducted at Griffin Lloyd Shooting Ground, Powys, Wales.

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Shooting|August 2020

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