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English Shot sizes

A definitive guide to English shot for loading shotgun cartridges.

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Gunsmithing & Technical|February 2020

English shot sizes, as referred to in vintage publications, where commentators recommend certain shot sizes for various quarry can be confusing as they vary from many continental shot size dimensions and therefore number of pellets in a given load.

For clarity, we have provided a definitive list here, which covers The name of the pellet (BB or No.5 etc) as well as the number of each pellet to the ounce, the number of pellets to the standard English game load of 1 1/16 of an ounce, the weight in grains of each pellet and the diameter in fractions of an inch, as well as in millimetres.

This table was published by Eley (ICI)  in 1928.

Published by Vintage Guns Ltd on (modified )

Gunsmithing & Technical|February 2020

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