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Dates for correct label usage with Stephen Grant guns

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Guns & Gunmakers|June 2020

Stephen Grant started his own business in 1867, having previously been the manager of Boss. He died in 1898 but his firm continued to trade independently until the merger with Joseph Lang in 1925. His trade lables show the transition of company style through the changes in ownership. All are paper with ink writing.

Label 1

Stephen Grant established his business in 1867 at 67A St James's Street but he did not gain the Royal Warrant for the Prince of Wales until 1870, so this label is appropriate for guns dating from 1870 until 1889.

Stephen Grant traded under his name alone from 1867 until 1889.

Label 2A and 2B

The business changes its style to 'Stephen Grant & Sons in 1889, nine years before the death of the founder. It continued in this manner until 1925, when it was absorbed into Stephen Grant & Joseph Lang Ltd.

The company is recorded at 67A St James's Street until 1920.


The company moved to 7 Bury Street in 1920.

Label 3

Grant and Lang joined to form 'Stephen Grant & Joseph Lang Ltd' in July 1925. The shooting & fishing agency had been added in 1884. Harrison & Hussey was sold to G&L in 1930 and Charles Lancaster was added to the firm in 1932. This label pre-dates the 1935 addition of Watson Bros, so must cover the period from 1925 to 1935.

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Guns & Gunmakers|June 2020

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