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The GTA has lined up some fascinating talks and demos for the new Gunmakers’ Theatre, at The Game Fair.

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Issues & Events|July 2019

New for 2019, Gunmakers’ Theatre is expected to be a huge draw for gun enthusiasts when The Game Fair returns to Hatfield House from Friday 26 to Sunday 28 July.

 A range of topics for discussion have been lined up to appeal to gun experts at the annual festival of the great British countryside. Visitors can learn how to build a bespoke gun from a vintage donor, how to maintain a firearm, how to buy at an auction, get a career in the gun trade and much more.

 Organised by the Gun Trade Association (GTA), the theatre will be offering a range of gun, ammunition and trade presentations to show off some of the traditional – and not so traditional – skills in the gun making trade, with live demonstrations and teach-ins for the shooting community.

The busy schedule begins each day with a 45-minute slot on gun security delivered by Antonia Kimbell, founder of the Gun Loss Register. At 10.45am on Friday and Sunday, and 10am on Saturday, she will be focusing on risks and case studies of gun theft and recovery, as well as what records to keep in the event of a loss.

 Customising English guns is covered at 11.15am on the Friday and Saturday, when Diggory Hadoke of Vintage Guns will be examining total rebuilds, part customisation projects and discussing the total cost of such projects.

With over 30 years’ experience in the field, Gavin Gardiner knows all there is to know about buying guns at auction. His 45-minute slot each day is an opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge about auctioning within the gun trade.

 Master barrel maker Bill Blacker will be showing some of the metal work required to produce the best guns at 1:30pm each day. That will be followed on all three days by a discussion and demonstration from Ian Tomlin on gun cases and leatherwork at 2:15pm each day.

 At 3pm on the Friday and Saturday, Carl Langton of Ladbrook and Langton Gunsmiths will talk visitors through how to maintain a firearm. In the trade since the age of 16, he knows all the best tips and tricks to keep your gun working smoothly for the longest time. This will be followed by a demonstration of some intricate gunstock checkering.

 GTA executive Simon West will round-up an entertaining and educational day by explaining how to start a career in the gun trade, the benefits of joining the UK gun trade and the necessity for apprenticeships within the trade. His talks will be at 3:45pm on Friday and Saturday, and 3pm on Sunday.

He said: “We have a great line up organised for Gunmakers’ Theatre, which will be a fantastic new addition to The Game Fair 2019.  This is one of the biggest events of the year for the gun trade. providing access to unparalleled numbers of shooting and countryside enthusiasts. For traders, it’s much more than just a retail opportunity. It’s about learning, sharing stories and building relationships.”

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Issues & Events|July 2019

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