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Interview with the Gunkaker No1: The M.D. of John Rigby & Co.

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People|May 2020

Interview with the Gunmaker is our series of interviews, each lasting around forty minutes, with gunmakers working in Britain today.

The series includes well-known figures who have been working in the gun trade since the 1960s and younger men who have established their reputations in recent years. These interviews will produce an archive of material for enthusiasts; an oral history of life and work in the British gun trade from the mid 20th century to today.

Our first interview is with the Managing Director of London gun and rifle makers, John Rigby & Co. Marc Newton began his gun trade career with John Roberts before his elevation, at the tender age of twenty-five, to head the L&O backed resurrection of Rigby as a London gunmaker. Here he tells his story and provides some fascinating insights into his firm and his body of work to date. Click MARC NEWTON to see the interview.

Marc Newton by Terry Allen.

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People|May 2020

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