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A rare colour gun case label

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Guns & Gunmakers|November 2022

 This is the only colour label from Cashmore that I have seen to date.

It is paper with ink and makes a feature of Cashmore's success in Australia, where his guns are still often encountered. He lists three medals won at different Australian exhibitions through the 1880s and 1890s. They are duplicated left and right.

The address given is 'Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham'.

Cashmore occupued premises in Steelhouse Lane from 1858 until 1935. No number is given on the label and this may be because Cashmore moved around many times during this period, operating from numbers 130,131 and 132. After moving to Aston Road in 1936, he was back in Steelhouse Lane in 1960.

This label is likely to date from after 1891 and before 1894 (when Casmore won the highest award at a Hobart exhibition, according to Cashmore collector Stephen Barnes.

The Cashmores were apparently something of a gunmaking dynasty, with no fewer than eleven gunmakers by that name operating in Birmingham and the Black Country from as early as 1827.

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Guns & Gunmakers|November 2022

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