Peter Nelson

Interview with the Gunmaker No.6 with one of the most repected gunmakers of his generation.

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People|June 2020

Peter Nelson apprenticed at Purdey, as an actioner, and worked there through the 1950s and 1960s, leaving in 1971 to take a position at Hartmann & Weiss, later setting -up on his own account.

P.V. Nelson guns are the much sought after posessions of a few wealthy collectors. and became famous in gunmaking circles for their superlative quality and outstanding artistic decoration. Peter is credited by many with restoring truy best gunmaking, after years in which economic pressures had affected quality in many of the London firms.

Now retired, Peter talks to Diggory Hadoke about his life as a gunmaker and the ups and downs of self employment.

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People|June 2020

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