Stolen Dicksons

A Reminder About Gun Security

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Issues & Events|December 2023

A collection of Dickson shotguns has been stolen from Scotland. We would advise anyone offered a 'deal' to be wary and take notes.

Guns Stolen

Dickson Round Action 6271

Dickson Round Action 4869

Dickson Round Action 5363

Dickson Round Action 7034

Dickson Round Action 6139

Dickson Round Action 6673

Dickson Round Action 5101

Dickson Sidelock 6710

Holland & Holland 'Royal' 25581

Small & Johnson Hammer Gun 45391

Hardy Bros Sidelock 1H10885

Churchill 'Premiere' Sidelock 2115

However you store your guns and rifles, be aware that thieves want them.


The police have informed us that thirty seven Shotgun and Firearm Certificates were stolen last month and seventeen shotguns were stolen. Thieves are still interested in stealing high value shotguns as well as modern guns to use in crime, so be vigilant and keep your security in good order.


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Issues & Events|December 2023

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