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Trade Label: Boswell

Strand Address, London

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Guns & Gunmakers|July 2021

Charles Boswell makes a lot of claims about the success of his guns in shooting championships on this label. In fact, Boswell was a very accomplished competitor himself and gained orders from fellow live-pigeon trap shooters on the back of his prowess in the ring.

Boswell has a reputation in Austraia, in particular, for his competition guns but the three wins he claims here are listed as 'Championships of England'.

The label is made from card and printed with ten cups and images of sidelock and boxlock models, both showing a bolted doll's-head action.

The byline to the maker's name 'Breech Loading Gun & Rifle Manufacturer' is indicative of the era being one in which 'breech-loading' was still a distinction worthy of note, so it is likely to be at the earlier end of his residency at this address.

The address of '126, Strand, London W.C' helps us date the label to 1883-1921.

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Guns & Gunmakers|July 2021

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