Brian Sorrell

Interview with the Gunmaker No.8 with the Purdey trained stocker.

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People|June 2020

Brian Sorrell was a contemprary of Peter Nelson, starting his apprenticeship with Purdey in the early 1950s.

A stocker by trade, Brian worked at Purdey until leaving to start his own business, which he ran until retiring. He discusses his early years at Purdey with Diggory Hadoke, as well as reflectin on some of his mentors, skills and opinions on gunmaking and the Gun Trade, then and now.

Now in his eighties, Brian has a lifetime of tales to share and this interview is both entertaining and informative, as Brian proves himself to be an able story-teller and someone who speaks openy, with a great deal of affection for his life's work.

Brian Sorrell.

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People|June 2020

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