Ian Clarke

Interview with the Gunmaker No.9, with the UK's original component maker to the gun trade.

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People|June 2020

The modern world has forced its way into best gunmaking through the use of CNC, spark erosion and wire cutting machinery. Today, high-tech equipment is working alongside men with files and draw knives in our famous factories.

The man at the forefront of building these modern practices at Purdey and Holland & Holland is Ian Clarke. Now working independently as a component supplier to the gun trade, Ian's expertise is at the very heart of production, with most of the UK's best gunmakers as customers.

Ian talks to Diggory Hadoke about his introduction to the Gun Trade and how his work has become indispensible, allowing makers like Rigby to reverse engineer and produse new versions of classic actions, like the rising-bite and enabling Purdey to speed up their production of Woodward ejectors and threfore increase prooductivity and profitability, through the application of his mechanical expertise.

Viewers will learn a great deal about the modern bespoke gun business in this conversation, it is truly enlightening. To view the interview, click: IAN CLARKE.

Ian Clarke's 'kits of parts' now serve most of the UK bespoke gunmakers.


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People|June 2020

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