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Lifestyle & Product Reviews|August 2021

Two new cartridges are about to hit the market, both loaded with slightly different alloys of steel, aimed at the anticipated buyer of non-toxic game loads for UK shooting, though a clay oad is also offered.

It tackles the issue of single-use plastic by creating a 'Greenwad', which degrades in the environment, from bacterial action over three years (about what a piece of wood would take to degrade) and it contains a non-toxic but rather smelly animal repellent to disuade grazers from eating it. It is made from natural compounds and degrades into natural compounds.

The unusual thing about this wad is teh claim that it is constructed so as to position the steel shot column inside the wad, enabling it to move and 'line-up' to ease its way through even a full choke. Curently available loads are not recommended for use in muzzles tighter than half choke, with quarter choke advisable for older guns.

The first samples are expected imminently and are loaded into 70mm cases, proof tested as suitable for guns marked 'CIP N' (Standard Steel Proof). That means you should be able to use them in guns proofed for 2 3/4" or 70mm STD proof, after 1954, according to the London Proof House.The current load is 28 grams of 'tin-steel' shot and the company making them is French - Vouzelaud.

Imports are to be handled by Charles Lancaster.

The new wad claims to position steel pellets so they can pass through tight chokes.

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Lifestyle & Product Reviews|August 2021

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